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Giving voice, rhythm, and breath to the Word 

I have recently found an album of Psalms by Sandra McCracken that has given new light to the ancient churches repertoire of worship music. Colossians 3:16 says ‘Sing Psalms and let the word of Christ dwell in you.’ We know that singing does just that. Giving voice, rhythm, and breath to the Word plants it deep in our hearts. 

Here is an interview with Sandra McCracken that speaks more eloquently about the role the Psalms have played in her seasons of lament and how she would encourage the church to incorporate these Psalms and songs of lament into their corporate worship.

“It’s the most wonderful time…of the year!” No I don’t want more snow 

“It’s the most wonderful time…of the year!”  No I don’t want more snow.  But, I’ve always loved Easter.   God has orchestrated from the beginning of time that His creation would proclaim every year that death is dead and that life lives again! 
In a sense, it seems like we get Christmas wrong; all the glitz and glamour. Christmas comes in a hushed cloud of white as Christ enters the world discretely in a manger as a baby. Then Easter, the story is finished with a melting away of the cold and new life springing from the earth as our Savior walks from His grave!  Amazing! Glory! Triumph!  We walk through the horror of the cross with the hope and the taste for the resurrection.  We get to say to the world ‘death is dead and our Savoir reigns!”   Surely, this is the most wonderful time of the year! 

LCCM is very excited to be hosting Andrew Peterson on April 14th. The concert will be at Cornerstone EPC in Brighton. He is a gifted writer... his lyrics and melody speak straight to my heart with honesty, truth and beauty. Please come and be blessed! 


View Andrew's recent video of his song "Is He Worthy?"


Other Upcoming Event: 

CHILD OF THE PROMISE – Thanksgiving 2019 
Recommended Listening: 

  • Psalms – Sandra McCracken 
  • Psalm Songs, Vol. 1 – The Corner Room 
  • Psalm Live – Shane and Shane 



What is your favorite Psalm, Hymn or Spiritual song that has brought you closer to the Lord in an intimate way? Let us know on our Facebook page.

The Necessity of Art - Living in Story 

Christians from the very beginning have gathered around and told stories to each other. The stories of Abraham, Moses, Miriam, Mary Magdalen, Jesus, and Paul. 

We capture the hearts of children not with theology, but with great stories of how God defeated a giant with a boy and a slingshot. Our faith is defined by Godʼs redemption plan through Christ’s story - it is this beautiful narrative that is weaved together showing Godʼs people how much He loved them. It is a story of epic battles, romance, wondrous miracles, great tragedy, and plenty of mystery. The greatest story of all time written by the first storyteller! 

It has always been the Story and stories that have changed my heart. God broke into my heart through music at a very young age. And not only Christian music. I could see Him in everything was the true and good and beautiful. (Philippians 4:8) Through music, I was continually broken hearted for the world and overwhelmed by His love for me. 

Andrew Peterson a singer/songwriter and author that gives a great example of this. He tells his story to R.C. Sproulʼs congregation and describes seeing his friend in the movie ʻO Brother Where for Art Thou.ʼ He explained with a coy smile that every time he watched the movie, he looked for his friend and even paused the movie so he could show others that his friend was there. Andrew give evidence to how we as Christian’s experience story the same way. We can find Christ in the background of the movie, in the verse of a song, and in the hero of the book and we want to tell the world as He draws us to Himself - ʻLook! See! Hereʼs my friend! Can you see Him? Let me tell you His story.” 

But, these days as an adult I find that I am losing the ability to be overwhelmed as my focus is, primarily, application of scripture. My heart moves further away from the majesty of Christʼs story the more I try to apply a theology to my life. Of course, application is good and important to our walk as Christians, but the walking is slower for me when my head tries to lead the way. It is when I open my heart to the story of Miriam as she dances or cry out in sorrow with the Psalmist and share in Paulʼs love for the church that I become part of the story and my heart is moved. 

We are to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind and body... perhaps it is our heartʼs job to convince the mind and not the other way around - so I look for stories. 

Andrew Peterson is a storyteller that does this for me. He tells stories with word and melody that pull me in. His latest album called “Resurrection Letters: Prologue” - tells the Lenten story to us in a deeply personal way. In this album, Andrew has reminded me that Christʼs journey to the cross is the greatest evidence that God is “Always Good” even though, like Peter, we may not have eyes to see. He paints a picture of Christ on the cross with a lamenting loop that helps me feel as the thief on the cross while Christ sings over us ʻforgive them for they know not what they do.” 

LCCM is thrilled to be welcoming Andrew Petersonʼs tour to Livingston County on April 14th! It will be a time to enter into the Kingdom story - a time to "re-story" ourselves the way only art can. Be encouraged to find a story that captivates your heart and spend time in it. Let us know what stories you love. What authors, musicians, and artists are moving you? We want to hear you say ʻLook! See this! Hereʼs my friend.” 

Tell stories, sing songs, inspire hearts and be fully alive in the great majesty of Christ.


Dear Friends & LCCM Supporters 

It has been quite some time since we have been in contact. It has been a long fall for us, but a restorative one. 

As you know, we did not do a production in November 2017. In Lieu of Child of the Promise, Jenni had her knee replaced and we have both been spending a good amount of time resting, praying, studying and searching God for direction to move forward in His service in a bold way, but also in a way that would be best for us and our families. 

I delight to tell you something you already know - God is Good! He is SO good! 

So we begin a new to build a stronger foundation for an organization that will support, serve, and encourage a community not just from one church, but from all churches - the full body of Christ here in Livingston County. LCCM is committed to building this bridge between churches so that we may spur each other on and rejoice in true Gospel-centered fellowship with one another. 

Here are a few things you can expect: 

  1. Singing Opportunities - Pop up choirs and productions 
  2. Monthly Newsletter! We will be sending out a monthly e-newsletter with education, LCCM recommended listening, videos, and discussion. 
  3. Concerts! LCCM is committed to bringing in Christian Artists to Livingston County  and to provide our community with God honoring entertainment. 

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